Posts for Monday, September 27, 2004

ITP: the end.

Hey there.

In the Periphery is gone. Sorry. Alex either moved away, joined a touring band or became a street person depending on who you know and / or ask.

If you'd sent anything over to our PO Box in recent months that hadn't been reviewed, we're gonna send that on over to Grant at The Hearing Aide. Like ITP was, it's a really small operation that's based in Chicago - that's why we like it and think that you should support it. Who knows, maybe an occasional review will appear by Alex, Brian or Dawn.

It never really caught on like we thought it might, but that's just how these things go sometimes. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, supported, and encouraged us (especially Mike G, Tony K, and Satan165).

Aside from the The Hearing Aide, you might also check out:

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So that's about it. Take care, the end.